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Ford’s Chariot shuttles are expanding to New York City

Ford is adding its largest market yet for Chariot, the crowd-sourced shuttle service that it acquired last September. Chariot began operations in San Francisco, where the former startup ran commuter routes of its branded transit vans, and expanded to Austin after that. In August, it’ll begin service in New York ...

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Welcome to Radio Garden, free from the internet’s sin

It’s difficult to pick just one thing to hate about the internet, but if I had to, I’d say it was how overwhelmingly relevant everything is. Everywhere I turn online I see content I should click on. Advice for the stressed, advice for the sleepless; news of impending horrors, both ...

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Kaspersky Lab releases free antivirus software in global push

Kaspersky Lab has launched a free version of its antivirus software in the U.S. with plans for a global rollout over the next four months. Called Kaspersky Free, the software provides the core essentials, including email and desktop antivirus protection, the ability to quarantine infected files, as well as automated ...

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