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To fight the scourge of open offices, ROOM sells rooms

Noisy open offices don’t foster collaboration, they kill it, according to a Harvard study that found the less-private floor plan led to a 73 percent drop in face-to-face interaction between employees and a rise in emailing. The problem is plenty of young companies and big corporations have already bought …read ...

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Chinese internet giant Tencent suffers a rare profit drop

Tencent, Asia’s most valuable tech firm, delivered a surprise drop in profit on account of lower investment gains. The firm recorded strong growth with revenue up 30 percent year-on-year to reach 73.7 billion RMB ($10.7 billion) in Q2 2018. But net profit slipped by two …read more

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Twitter suspends Alex Jones for a week

Twitter has temporarily suspended the account of Alex Jones after the conspiracy theorist tweeted a link to a video calling on supporters to get their “battle rifles” ready and prepare to “act on the enemy.” The video, posted by Jones to live-streaming site Periscope, which is also owned by …read ...

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